Six characteristics of vacuum valve

by:Lianke Valve     2022-07-22
The following is a brief introduction to the vacuum valve: 1. The valve body of the small-diameter high-vacuum flapper valve is a fine casting. The high-tech fine casting process and equipment make the stainless steel casting complete and can obtain a dense structure. There are no casting defects such as 'porosity, looseness, and sand inclusion'. Neat and beautiful appearance. The valve body leak rate index is better than 10-10Pa.M3/S. Completely suitable for ultra-high vacuum conditions. 2. The oil-returning performance of GYC-JQ series electromagnetic high vacuum differential pressure charging valve has been greatly improved. The structure of the high vacuum differential pressure charging valve has been improved, which makes the product performance more reliable and more suitable for the working conditions of mechanical vacuum pumps. The following three key performances have been improved: (1). The valve closing time is shortened to < 0.7 seconds, which is more conducive to avoiding oil return; (2) The valve opening time is slightly delayed, as long as the vacuum degree reaches a certain level The valve can be opened only after the value is set. If there is no pressure difference, it will return to the normally open state; (3). The vacuum leak rate index of the product has been improved, from the original low vacuum value to the high vacuum value, which can fully meet the requirements of high vacuum work. environmental requirements, such as safety valves used as air inlets for higher-demand rotary vane pumps. 3. The common one-piece high-vacuum control ball valve throttle port is more superior to adjust the pumping speed The road is used to adjust the pumping rate of the furnace body, and the old-fashioned 'butterfly valve + flapper valve' combination mode has been changed. 4. GDC-J electromagnetic high vacuum flapper valve and DDC-JQ electromagnetic vacuum charging valve coil will not generate high temperature when energized for a long time. The scientific circuit control and electromagnetic circuit design make the solenoid valve coil always work in an efficient and power-saving state. Under the condition of room temperature 30℃, the coil surface temperature is less than or equal to 55℃ for 72 hours, and the product shell temperature is lower. And the electronic components do not heat up. In this way, the phenomenon of burning out the coil will never occur. 5. The drive and installation of the high vacuum flapper valve can be placed on the side. Usually, the height of the flapper valve is high, which has the defect of occupying a large space for the height of the equipment. In order to restrain this defect, we designed the drive installation on the side, which greatly shortens the height dimension of the valve and reduces the manufacturing cost of the equipment space. 6. High-vacuum butterfly valve adopts high-platform design The ordinary pneumatic and electric high-vacuum butterfly valve adopts the installation method of bracket/connection sleeve.
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