Shanghai Anticorrosion Valve Group launches a new code scanning certificate

by:Lianke Valve     2022-09-21
Shanghai Anticorrosion Valve Group has launched a new scanning code certificate. From July 1, 2017, Lianke Valve Co., Ltd. will use the latest QR code anti-counterfeiting certificate to facilitate customers to check the authenticity of products. What is an anti-counterfeiting certificate? The anti-counterfeiting certificate is an anti-counterfeiting marker that combines the anti-counterfeiting label and the certificate. It has the characteristics of both the anti-counterfeiting label and the certificate. When designing and printing the certificate, the anti-counterfeiting certificate is combined with digital anti-counterfeiting technology. The password is included in the certificate, and there is no need to attach an anti-counterfeiting label. Customers can check the authenticity of the corresponding product when they see the certificate. The method of identifying the authenticity of our company's new qualification certificate by taking pictures is as follows: 1. There is a scanning area for the scanning code qualification certificate. After paying attention to the official WeChat, you can know the authenticity by scanning it; 2. Below the scanning area of ​​the qualification certificate is the independent certificate of each qualification certificate. number, enter the code in the official micro to feed back the authenticity information. Contact InformationLianke Valve Co.,Ltd. Headquarters Address: No. 369 Maoting Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai zhuchen@sn-v.com Group website: www.sn-v.com
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