Selection of valve blanks

by:Lianke Valve     2022-09-10
The commonly used blanks for machining are castings, forgings, profiles and welded parts. Different types of blanks and the accuracy, roughness and hardness of the blanks have a direct impact on the machining process. The following factors should be considered when selecting valve blanks: (1) The material of the parts and the requirements for the organization and performance of the material: The material of the parts specified on the design drawing generally determines the type of blank. For example, if the part material is cast iron, the casting method must be used to make the blank. For steel parts, the mechanical property requirements of the material should be considered when selecting the blank. For example, parts for manufacturing high-pressure valves should generally use forgings or welded parts as much as possible to ensure that the materials have good mechanical properties. (2) Structural shape and external dimensions of parts: The structural shape of parts is an important factor affecting the selection of blanks. For example, castings should be used as far as possible for valve bodies with complex structures and shapes. Sand casting can be used for larger valve bodies; investment casting is used for smaller valve bodies. (3) The size of the production program: the larger the production program of the parts, the better the economic effect of using a high-precision and high-efficiency blank manufacturing method. (4) Conditions for blank manufacturing: The blank should be selected according to the equipment condition and technological level on site, and the advanced blank manufacturing method should be gradually adopted considering the development prospect.
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