Selection criteria for check valves

by:Lianke Valve     2022-04-08
The selection criteria of the check valve are as follows: 1. In order to prevent the backflow of the medium, check valves should be installed on the equipment, devices and pipelines; 2. The check valve is generally suitable for clean media, not suitable for solid particles and viscosity. 3. Generally, horizontal lift check valves should be used on horizontal pipelines with a nominal diameter of 50mm; 4. Straight-through lift check valves can only be installed in horizontal pipelines; 5. For the pump inlet pipeline, The bottom valve should be selected. The bottom valve is generally only installed on the vertical pipeline of the pump inlet, and the medium flows from bottom to top; 6. The lifting type has better sealing performance and larger fluid resistance than the swing type, and the horizontal type should be installed on the horizontal pipeline. , Vertically installed on the vertical pipeline; 7. The installation position of the swing check valve is not limited, it can be installed on the horizontal, vertical or inclined pipeline, if installed on the vertical pipeline, the medium flow direction should be from the bottom to the bottom 8. The swing check valve should not be made into a small-diameter valve. It can be made into a very high working pressure. The nominal pressure can reach 42MPa, and the nominal diameter can also be large, and the maximum can reach more than 2000mm. It can be applied to any working medium and any working temperature range according to the different materials of the housing and seals. The medium is water, steam, gas, corrosive medium, oil, medicine, etc. The working temperature range of the medium is between -196--800 ℃; 9. The swing check valve is suitable for low pressure and large diameter, and the installation occasion is limited; 10. The installation position of the butterfly check valve is not limited, and it can be Installed on horizontal pipelines, or vertical or inclined pipelines; 11. Diaphragm check valve is suitable for pipelines that are prone to water hammer. The diaphragm can well eliminate the water hammer generated when the medium flows back. It is used in low pressure and normal temperature pipelines, especially for tap water pipelines. Generally, the working temperature of the medium is between -12 and 120 °C, and the working pressure is less than 1.6MPa. 12. The ball check valve is suitable for medium and low pressure pipelines and can be made into large diameters; 13. The shell material of the ball check valve can be made of stainless steel, and the hollow sphere of the seal can be wrapped in PTFE engineering Plastic, so it can also be used in the pipeline of general corrosive medium, the working temperature is between -101--150 ℃, the nominal pressure is ≤ 4.0MPa, and the nominal passage range is between DN200-DN1200; 14. For incompressible When selecting a check valve for compressible fluids, the first step is to evaluate the required closing speed, and the second step is to select the type of check valve that may meet the required closing speed; 15. Select a check valve for compressible fluids It can be selected according to a similar method for incompressible fluids with check valves. If the medium flow range is large, the check valve for compressible fluids can use a deceleration device. If the medium flow is continuous and fast Stop and start, such as the outlet of the compressor, use the lift check valve; 16. The check valve should determine the corresponding size, the valve supplier must provide the data of the selected size, so that the given flow rate can be found. The size of the valve when the valve is fully opened; 17. For high and medium pressure check valves below DN50mm, vertical lift check valves and straight-through lift check valves should be used; 18. For low pressure check valves below DN50mm, it is advisable to use Butterfly check valve, vertical lift check valve and diaphragm check valve; 19. For high and medium pressure check valves with DN greater than 50mm and less than 600mm, swing check valves should be used; 20. For DN greater than 200mm , For medium and low pressure check valves less than 1200mm, non-wear ball check valves should be used; 21. For low pressure check valves with DN greater than 50mm and less than 2000mm, butterfly check valves and diaphragm check valves should be used; 22, For pipelines that require less water hammer or no water hammer when closed, slow-closing swing check valves and slow-closing butterfly check valves should be used.
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