Sealed gate valve

by:Lianke Valve     2022-05-01
Inverted sealing gate valve means that there is a sealing surface in the middle of the gate valve stem and a sealing seat inside the bonnet. Reduce the possibility of leakage. Generally, gate valves and globe valves have reverse sealing requirements. In the fully open state of the inverted sealing gate valve, there is a sealing structure at the connection between the valve disc and the valve stem and the inside of the valve stem and the valve cover (that is, the bottom of the stuffing box). It can reduce the erosion of the packing in the stuffing box by the internal pressure, prolong the service life of the packing, and reduce the possibility of external leakage. Generally, gate valves and globe valves have reverse sealing requirements. The gate valve is one of the most commonly used valves as a cut-off medium, and its sealing element is the valve plate, so the gate valve is also called the gate valve. Most gate valves are mandatory sealing valves, that is, pressure must be applied to the valve plate when closing the valve. When the gate valve is fully opened, the flow channel is straight, and the valve plate is almost not washed by the medium. The inverted sealing gate valve is equipped with an inverted sealing device. After the valve is fully opened, an inverted sealing is formed, and the packing can be replaced under the condition of normal operation of the system.
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