Safety factor of fluorine-lined valve

by:Lianke Valve     2022-07-04
The fluorine-lined valve installed in the pipeline of medical equipment includes a valve body, a rotating disk is arranged on the valve body of the product, and an anti-corrosion layer is arranged on the inner wall of the valve body of the product. The fluorine-lined valve has a simple structure. By setting an anti-corrosion layer on the inner wall of the valve body, it can effectively prevent the valve body from corroding during the working process, prolong the service life of the valve, improve the safety factor, prevent the occurrence of safety accidents, and reduce maintenance. cost. In addition, in addition to its excellent chemical stability, PTFE has good antifouling and anti-stick properties, extremely small and similar dynamic and static friction coefficients, and good anti-friction and lubrication performance; it is used as a sealing pair for valve opening and closing parts. , To reduce the friction between the sealing surfaces, reduce the operating torque of the valve, and improve the service life of the product, its use range can also be extended to the food and pharmaceutical industries.
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