fluorine lining gate valve

Repair method for damaged bonnet of fluorine-lined ball valve body

by:Lianke Valve     2022-05-23
During the use of the valve body and valve cover of the fluorine-lined ball valve, it will be damaged by wear or some other factors. In this issue, we will talk about the repair method of damaged fluorine-lined ball valve body and bonnet. The defects of the valve body and valve cover of the fluorine-lined ball valve shall be repaired by welding repair, and the appropriate welding rod and process shall be selected according to the material. Epoxy resin adhesives can be used for bonding and repairing the parts with low stress and low temperature. When the valve body and valve cup of the fluorine-lined ball valve are disassembled, the internal thread should not be worn or buckled. In this case, expand the hole and then tap the thread. The bolts should be in the shape of a large end and a small end. Expand the hole and insert it into the round steel, weld it dead, and then drill and tap the thread.
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