Quality requirements for fluoroplastic lining layer of fluorine-lined butterfly valve

by:Lianke Valve     2022-06-13
Quality requirements for fluoroplastic lining layer of fluorine-lined butterfly valve The flanges and other corners should be uniform in color without whitening. And comply with the provisions of GB/T23711.1-2009 and GB/T23711.6-2009. Fluoroplastics are polymer materials. Data show that the higher the density of fluoroplastics, the smaller the permeability coefficient, and there is a linear relationship between them. The density of the fluoroplastic lining layer should be greater than or equal to 2.16g/cm3, and impurities are not allowed. The anti-corrosion performance of fluorine plastic lined with fluorine butterfly valve must meet the standard requirements. If the anti-corrosion performance of fluoroplastics cannot be determined, it must be confirmed by testing in accordance with the provisions of GB/T1763. Especially when replacing new grades of fluoroplastics, it is necessary to test. The lining material used for food, medicine and sanitary valves should also be non-toxic, sterile, clean and sanitary materials without impurities, in line with the provisions of GB/T17219. The bonding strength of the fluoroplastic and the substrate is one of the criteria to measure the quality of the lining. The fluoroplastic lining layer should fit with the substrate, the lining layer on the flange surface should be lined with the sealing surface, and have a design structure to fasten the substrate. Under the condition of negative pressure of 0.08MPa, the fluoroplastic lining layer does not appear bulge. . Fluorine-lined butterfly valve Compared with conventional butterfly valves, fluorine-plastic lined butterfly valve has the same and different places in design and manufacturing process. This article strives to comprehensively introduce the design points, manufacturing methods and process characteristics of fluorine-plastic lined butterfly valve, so as to help readers understand the lining of butterfly valves. Fluorine butterfly valve. Fluorine lined butterfly valve The emergence of fluorine plastic lined butterfly valve is the product of scientific and technological progress, and an innovation to conventional butterfly valve products, which not only saves a lot of rare metals, makes rational use of resources, but also saves energy and protects the environment. It meets the needs of the petrochemical industry for special valves, and the economic and social benefits are particularly significant. It is worth promoting the application.
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