fluorine lining gate valve

Production process of fluorine-lined valve

by:Lianke Valve     2022-07-03
The production of fluorine-lined valves is a complex and arduous process. In addition to the molding processing technology, production costs, raw material supply, environmental impact, etc. must also be considered. Compression molding is one of the molding processes of fluorine-lined plastics and one of the most ideal methods for the application of fluorine-lined valves. The mold cavity is then closed, placed in a heating furnace and heated to a certain temperature, and melted and flowed under the action of pressure, slowly filling the entire cavity to obtain the shape given by the cavity. As the degree of chemical reaction of fluoroplastics increases, the melt gradually loses its fluidity and becomes an infusible body structure and becomes a solid. After cooling to a certain temperature, the mold is opened to become a finished product, thus completing the molding process. The above is the production of fluorine-lined valves. Details of the process, if you have any questions about the price, manufacturer, model, and pictures of fluorine-lined valves, please contact Lianke Valve Co., Ltd. to obtain the latest information on fluorine-lined valves.
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