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Product performance characteristics of vacuum butterfly valve

by:Lianke Valve     2022-07-23
Vacuum butterfly valve is a device used as a gas medium to adjust flow or cut off configuration in ventilation, environmental protection engineering and dusty cold or hot air gas pipelines in chemical, building materials, power stations, glass and other industries. The product features of the vacuum butterfly valve are: 1. It is designed and manufactured by a new structural form of welding between the mid-line disc plate and the short-structure steel plate. Easy to operate. 2. There are no connecting rods, bolts, etc., reliable operation and long service life. It can be installed in multiple positions and is not affected by the flow direction of the medium. Structural characteristics of vacuum butterfly valve: It is designed and manufactured by adopting a new structural form of welding of mid-line disc plate and short-structure steel plate. It is compact in structure, light in weight, easy to install, small in flow resistance, large in flow rate, avoids the influence of high temperature expansion, and is easy to operate. There are no connecting rods, bolts, etc. in the body, so the work is reliable and the service life is long. It can be installed in multiple positions and is not affected by the flow direction of the medium. However, there are still some problems in the use of the vacuum butterfly valve: 1. Since the multi-layer soft and hard laminated sealing ring is fixed on the valve plate, when the valve plate is normally open, the medium forms a positive scour on its sealing surface, and the After the soft sealing belt is washed, it directly affects the sealing performance. 2. Restricted by structural conditions, the structure is not suitable for valves with a diameter below DN200, because the overall structure of the valve plate is too thick and the flow resistance is large. 3. Due to the principle of the rubber-lined butterfly valve, the sealing between the sealing surface of the valve plate and the valve seat relies on the torque of the transmission device to press the valve plate to the valve seat. In the positive flow state, the higher the medium pressure, the tighter the seal squeezes. When the medium in the flow channel flows back, the unit positive pressure between the valve plate and the valve seat is less than the medium pressure as the medium pressure increases, and the seal begins to leak. Therefore, the utility model does not install the soft and hard multi-layer sealing ring on the valve plate as in the prior art, but is directly installed on the valve body, and adding an adjusting ring between the pressure plate and the valve seat is an ideal two-way hard sealing method . It will replace gate valves and ball valves.
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