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Problems existing in the utilization of fluorine-lined butterfly valves

by:Lianke Valve     2022-06-10
Problems existing in the use of fluorine-lined butterfly valves 1. Since the multi-layer soft and hard laminated sealing ring is fixed on the valve plate, when the valve plate is normally open, the medium forms a positive scour on its sealing surface, and the soft sealing belt in the metal sheet interlayer is affected. After flushing, it directly affects the sealing performance. 2. Limited by structural conditions, the structure is not suitable for valves with a diameter below DN200, because the overall structure of the valve plate is too thick and the flow resistance is large. 3. Due to the principle of the rubber-lined butterfly valve, the sealing between the sealing surface of the valve plate and the valve seat relies on the torque of the transmission installation to press the valve plate to the valve seat. In the positive flow state, the higher the medium pressure of the pinch valve, the fluorine-lined valve, and the exhaust valve, the tighter the sealing and extrusion. When the medium in the flow channel flows back, the seal begins to leak when the unit positive pressure between the valve plate and the valve seat is less than the medium pressure as the medium pressure increases. Fourth, the high-performance fluorine-lined butterfly valve is characterized in that the valve seat sealing ring is composed of multi-layer stainless steel sheets on both sides of the soft T-shaped sealing ring. The sealing surface of the valve plate and the valve seat is an oblique cone structure, and the temperature and corrosion resistance alloy materials are surfacing on the valve plate inclined cone; the spring fixed between the adjustment ring pressure plates and the adjustment bolts on the pressure plate are assembled together. This structure effectively supplements the tolerance zone between the shaft sleeve and the valve body and the elastic deformation of the valve stem under the medium pressure, and solves the sealing problem in the process of the valve in the process of two-way replacement of the medium. The multi-layer stainless steel sheet constitutes the sealing ring, which has the dual advantages of metal hard sealing and soft sealing, and has zero leakage sealing function under low temperature and high temperature conditions. The test proves that when the pool is in a positive flow state (the direction of medium flow is the same as the direction of rotation of the butterfly plate), the pressure on the sealing surface is generated by the torque of the transmission device and the action of the medium pressure on the valve plate. When the positive medium pressure increases, the tighter the valve plate slanted conical name and the valve seat sealing surface are, the better the sealing effect will be. When the flow is reversed, the sealing between the valve plate and the valve seat depends on the torque of the driving device, so that the valve plate is pressed against the valve seat. With the increase of the reverse medium pressure of the gear pump, when the unit positive pressure between the valve plate and the valve seat is less than the medium pressure, the deformation stored by the spring of the filter adjusting ring of the colloid mill emulsifier after being loaded can compensate for the difference between the valve plate and the valve seat. The tight pressure on the sealing surface of the valve seat plays an automatic compensation role. Therefore, the utility model does not install the soft and hard multi-layer sealing ring on the valve plate like the existing technology, but is directly installed on the valve body, and adding an adjusting ring next to the pressure plate and the valve seat is a very ideal two-way hard sealing method .
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