fluorine lining gate valve

Points for attention during transportation of fluorine-lined gate valve

by:Lianke Valve     2022-08-25
Fluorine-lined gate valve is the production and development of Dajin fluorine valve. It is suitable for various concentrations of sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, hydrofluoric acid and various organic acids, strong acids and strong oxidants at -50℃~150℃. FEP is also suitable for various concentrations of strong It is used on the pipelines of alkali organic solvents and other corrosive gases and liquid media. The surface is evenly coated with a layer of FEP. The inner surface of the valve body channel is smooth, the fluid resistance is small, the CV value is high, the flow capacity is strong, and the torque is moderate. Zero leakage of media. Before the fluorine-lined gate valve is put into use, the user needs to properly store and transport it. 1. The fluorine-lined gate valve must be stored in a dry room. It is not allowed to place the fluorine-lined valve in the outside world to avoid the fluorine-lined valve being damaged or wet. 2. Both ends of the passage of the fluorine-lined gate valve should be blocked with cover plates, and stored in a dry and ventilated room. During long-term storage, it should be checked frequently, the surface dirt should be removed, and the exposed processing surface should be coated with anti-rust oil to prevent the fluorine-lined valve. Rust. 3. When installing the fluorine-lined gate valve, we need to take off the cover plates at both ends of the fluorine-lined valve. Compared with the fluorine-lined valve connected at the welding end, during the welding and installation process of the fluorine-lined valve and the pipeline, we must take measures to align the fluorine-lined valve. Fluorine valve for protection, placed due to the adverse effect of high temperature on the fluorine-lined valve, it should also be kept away from high temperature places. 4. For fluorine-lined valves with installation direction, such as: fluorine-lined check valve, fluorine-lined gate valve, fluorine-lined globe valve, etc., the direction arrow is marked on the valve body, so when installing, the flow direction of the medium should be the same as that on the valve body. Marked with directional arrows in the same direction. 5. Before the fluorine-lined gate valve starts to be transported, the fluorine-lined valve must be actually inspected and debugged according to the method required by the contract or the standard requirements, so as to prevent the user from misoperation and cause unnecessary damage to the fluorine-lined valve. For pneumatic fluorine-lined ball valves or electric fluorine-lined ball valves, the requirements for the power source of the corresponding device must be listed according to the instructions of the pneumatic device or electric device. If the user needs to test and inspect, it must be carried out in accordance with the requirements of the national standard to prevent the product from failing to achieve the proper performance due to the wrong test method. After the pressure test of the fluorine-lined valve, the accumulated water in the inner cavity of the fluorine-lined valve should be removed. Clean up before storing. The threaded joints of the valve stem nut and the valve stem of the fluorine-lined gate valve should be lubricated regularly with lubricating oil, which can not only reduce the friction between them, but also prolong their service life. This is also a very important protection measure. If the worn stem nut is still in use, it may break, so that all the axial force of the stem cannot be supported, the fluorine-lined valve will lose its function, and the gasket will simply leak at the beginning, reaching the outside of the steam. leakage hazard. In order to avoid this danger, at the beginning of the leakage, the bonnet bolts should be properly tightened; if the valve seat sealing surface is improperly selected due to the material, it will start with a small amount of leakage, and then it may expand to the groove leakage, and then there are reasons such as insufficient opening height. , which accelerates the erosion of the fluid, resulting in complete damage to the valve seat.
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