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by:Lianke Valve     2022-08-09
In the process of using pneumatic valves, it is usually necessary to configure some auxiliary parts to improve the performance of pneumatic valves, or to improve the efficiency of pneumatic valves. Common accessories for pneumatic valves include: air filters, reversing solenoid valves, limit switches, electrical positioners, etc. In pneumatic technology, the three air source processing elements of air filter, pressure reducing valve and lubricator are assembled together as pneumatic triplet, which is used to purify and filter the air source entering the pneumatic instrument and decompress it to the rated air source for the instrument supply. pressure, which is equivalent to the function of a power transformer in a circuit. Types of pneumatic valve accessories: Double-acting pneumatic actuator: two-position control for valve opening and closing. (Double-acting) Spring-return actuator: When the circuit gas circuit is cut off or fails, the valve automatically opens or closes. (Single-acting) Single solenoid valve: the valve opens or closes when the power is supplied, and the valve closes or opens when the power is cut off (explosion-proof type is available). Double electric solenoid valve: the valve opens when one coil is energized, and the valve closes when the other coil is energized, with memory function (explosion-proof type available). Limit switch echo device: long-distance transmission of the valve switch position signal (with explosion-proof type). Electric positioner: adjust and control the medium flow of the valve according to the size of the current signal (standard 4-20mA) (with explosion-proof type). Pneumatic positioner: adjust and control the medium flow of the valve according to the size of the air pressure signal (marked 0.02-0.1MPa). Electrical converter: converts the current signal into the air pressure signal, and is used together with the pneumatic positioner (with explosion-proof type). Air source treatment triplet: including air pressure reducing valve, filter and lubricator, which can stabilize the air source, clean and lubricate moving parts. Manual operating mechanism: automatic control can be manually operated under abnormal conditions. Pneumatic valve accessories selection: Pneumatic valve is a complex automatic control instrument, composed of a variety of pneumatic components, users need to make detailed selections according to control needs. 1. Pneumatic actuator: ①Double-acting, ②Single-acting, ③Model and specification, ④Operating time. 2. Solenoid valve: ①Single control solenoid valve, ②Dual control solenoid valve, ③Use voltage, ④Explosion-proof type. 3. Signal feedback: ①Mechanical switch, ②Proximity switch, ⑧Output current signal, ④Use voltage, ⑤Explosion-proof type. 4. Positioner: ①Electrical positioner, ②Pneumatic positioner, ⑧Current signal, ④Air pressure signal, ⑤Electrical converter, ⑥Explosion-proof type. 5. Air source treatment triple parts: ① filter pressure reducing valve, ② lubricator. 6. Manual operating mechanism. Installation and use of pneumatic valves (1) Before installation and use of pneumatic valves, the valve must be inspected and tested for switch operation. It can only be installed and used under normal operating conditions. (2) The installation of the pneumatic valve should make the valve and the pipeline flange concentric as much as possible, and support and fix it. The ball valve cannot be subjected to other external forces, so as to avoid damage to the middle seal of the valve and deformation of the valve. The valve switch is ineffective and the valve is damaged and cannot be used. (3) To ensure that the power source provided by the pneumatic ball valve and pneumatic components must be clean, as far as possible without oil and water. Cleanliness should be less than 0.4 microns. (4) Before connecting to the air source, the air supply pipeline, air source interface and switch and other devices must be cleaned to prevent malfunctions caused by the unclean pipeline and the dirt and sediment rushing into the pneumatic actuator unit. (5) For the connection of pneumatic actuators, solenoid valves, positioners, filters, pressure reducing valves, etc., copper pipes or nylon pipes can be used. In order to prevent dust and reduce noise, mufflers or mufflers should be installed at the exhaust port. flow valve. (6) After installation, the pneumatic valve should be tested, the pneumatic actuator should be pressurized to the rated value, the pressure is 0.4 ~ 0.7mpa, the switching test of the pneumatic ball valve should be carried out, and the opening and closing of the valve should be observed. It should rotate flexibly without jamming. If the switch is blocked, the air pressure can be increased, and the valve can be adjusted to the flexible switch by repeating the switch. (7) When installing and debugging the switch-type pneumatic valve, first use the manual device (manual button on the solenoid valve) to debug, and then debug after the operation is normal. (8) Pneumatic valves should be regularly maintained at the rotating part of the valve stem, and should be refueled (oil) once every three months. Regularly discharge water and sewage to the pneumatic actuating unit and the air filter used in conjunction with it. Under normal circumstances, it should be checked once every six months and overhauled once a year.
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