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Pneumatic fluorine-lined butterfly valve adopts worm gear reducer. What is the basis for this?

by:Lianke Valve     2022-04-30
Pneumatic fluorine-lined butterfly valve adopts worm gear reducer. What is the basis for this? The pneumatic fluorine-lined butterfly valve adopts a PTFE-lined butterfly plate with a spherical sealing surface, which is easy to operate, has tight sealing performance, and has a long service life; it can be used for quick shut-off or flow regulation. It is suitable for occasions requiring reliable sealing and good adjustment characteristics. Pneumatic fluorine-lined butterfly valve, also known as fluoroplastic lined anti-corrosion valve, is made of PTFE resin (or profile processed) by molding (or inlaying) on u200bu200bsteel or iron. The inner wall of the high-quality valve pressure-bearing parts (the same method is applicable to the lining of various pressure vessels and pipeline accessories) or the outer surface of the valve internals, using its unique performance in resisting strong corrosive media to make various types of Valves and pressure vessels. Pneumatic fluorine-lined butterfly valve refers to a valve whose closing member (valve or butterfly plate) is a disc, which rotates around the valve shaft to achieve opening and closing. It is mainly used for cutting off and throttling on the pipeline. The butterfly valve opening and closing part is a disc-shaped butterfly plate, which rotates around its own axis in the valve body to achieve the purpose of opening and closing or adjustment. Pneumatic fluorine lined butterfly valve is usually less than 90° from fully open to fully closed. Pneumatic fluorine lined butterfly valve and butterfly stem have no self-locking ability. In order to locate the butterfly plate, a worm gear reducer should be installed on the valve stem. Pneumatic fluorine-lined butterfly valve adopts worm gear reducer, which can not only make the butterfly plate have self-locking ability, make the butterfly plate stop at any position, but also improve the operation performance of the valve. The characteristics of the industrial butterfly valve are high temperature resistance, high applicable pressure range, large nominal diameter of the valve, carbon steel for the valve body, and metal ring instead of rubber ring for the sealing ring of the valve plate. Large-scale pneumatic fluorine-lined butterfly valve is made of steel plate welding, mainly used for flue air duct and gas pipeline of high temperature medium.
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