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Pneumatic Flanged Rubber Sealed Butterfly Valve

by:Lianke Valve     2022-04-26
Overview The centerline soft sealing butterfly valve is the preferred conventional butterfly valve for pipelines. And it has the advantages of light weight, convenient installation and small driving torque. This kind of valve can not only be used for cutting off the medium, but also for regulating the flow of the medium. The drive device can be manual, electric, pneumatic, etc. according to user requirements. Selecting parts of different materials and matching with sealing rings of different materials can adapt to different media and working conditions, so that the cost and performance can achieve the best effect. Soft sealing butterfly valve is suitable for temperature ≤120℃ or ≤150℃, nominal pressure ≤1.6MPa water supply and drainage, sewage, food, heating, gas, ship, hydropower, metallurgy, energy system and light textile industries, especially suitable for two-way sealing and Where the valve body is easy to corrode, it is used for regulating flow and intercepting medium. Its main features are: 1. Small and light, easy to disassemble and maintain, and can be installed in any position. 2. The structure is simple and compact, the operating torque is small, and the 90° rotation can be opened quickly. 3. The flow characteristics tend to be straight, and the adjustment performance is good. 4. The connection between the butterfly plate and the valve stem adopts a pin-free structure, which overcomes the possible internal leakage point. 5. The outer circle of the butterfly plate adopts a spherical shape, which improves the sealing performance and prolongs the service life of the valve. It still maintains zero leakage when it is opened and closed under pressure for more than 50,000 times. 6. The seals can be replaced, and the sealing is reliable and can achieve bidirectional sealing. 7. The butterfly plate can be sprayed with coating according to user requirements, such as nylon or PTFE. 8. The valve can be designed as flange connection and wafer connection. 9. The drive mode can be manual, electric or pneumatic. In the process of producing soft-sealing butterfly valves, the company continuously absorbs advanced technology and structural characteristics at home and abroad. In order to meet the needs of customers in different working conditions, the soft-sealing butterfly valves produced by our company all adopt 1. Ordinary centerline butterfly valve, 2. Centerline butterfly valve with compound seat, 3. Centerline butterfly valve covered with disc. The structure of the sealing pair is as follows: The center of rotation of the butterfly plate (ie the center of the valve stem) is located on the centerline of the valve body and the section of the sealing surface of the butterfly plate. The valve seat is made of synthetic rubber. When the butterfly plate is closed, the outer circular sealing surface of the butterfly plate squeezes the synthetic rubber valve seat, so that the valve seat is elastically deformed to form an elastic force as the sealing pressure to ensure the sealing of the butterfly valve. The sealing structure is made of PTFE and synthetic rubber to form a composite valve seat. be improved. Its sealing principle and structural characteristics are the same as those of ordinary midline butterfly valves. The sealing structure adopts polytetrafluoroethylene, synthetic rubber and phenolic resin to form a composite valve seat, which makes the valve seat have better strength while having elasticity. At the same time, the butterfly plate is fully covered with PTFE, so that the butterfly plate has strong corrosion resistance. Its sealing principle and structural characteristics are the same as those of ordinary midline butterfly valves. Sealing Ring Material Valve Sealing Ring Material Body Material: Grey Cast Iron (HT200, HT250) Ductile Iron (QT400, QT450) Carbon Steel (WCB, WCC, LCB) Chrome Molybdenum Steel (WC5, WC6, WC9) Alloy Steel Stainless Steel (CF3, CF8) , CF3M, CF8M, ZG1Cr18Ni9Ti, ZG1Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti) Internal material: stainless steel ( 2Cr13, 1Cr18Ni9, 1Cr18Ni9Ti, 1Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti, 304, 316, 304L, 316L ) Carbon steel, chrome-molybdenum steel, special steel Manual, worm gear drive, electric, pneumatic. Main outline and connection dimensions (flange type) (
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