fluorine lining gate valve

Pneumatic, electric switch valve

by:Lianke Valve     2022-04-30
Pneumatic, electric switch valve, pneumatic quick shut-off valve, pneumatic, electric ball valve, pneumatic, electric butterfly valve, pneumatic, electric bottom discharge valve, pneumatic, electric knife gate valve, etc. Specifically divided into: insulation ball valve, flanged ball valve, internal thread ball valve, external thread ball valve, three-piece ball valve, three-way ball valve, thin wafer ball valve, butt welding ball valve, metal sealing ball valve, fluorine-lined ball valve, pharmaceutical sanitary ball valve, O-type ball valve, wafer butterfly valve, flanged butterfly valve, fluorine-lined butterfly valve, metal-sealed butterfly valve, regulating butterfly valve butt welding sanitary butterfly valve, external thread butterfly valve, wafer sanitary butterfly valve, pharmaceutical sanitary butterfly valve, upward-spreading kettle bottom discharge valve , Down-spread kettle bottom discharge valve.
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