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Pneumatic control valve pressure strength test

by:Lianke Valve     2022-08-07
Use room temperature water with a pressure of 1.5 times the nominal pressure. The water may contain water-soluble oil or rust inhibitor. Enter the valve body of the control valve according to the inlet direction of the control valve, and the other end is closed, so that all the valve cavities under pressure during operation can bear a lot of pressure at the same time. At the test pressure of 3 minutes, observe whether there is any visible leakage in the pressurized part of the regulating valve during the test. During the test, the straight-stroke regulating valve should be in the fully open position, and the angular-stroke regulating valve should be partially opened. The test equipment should not subject the regulating valve to external stress that will affect the test results. If necessary, the components that may be damaged that are not related to the test can be removed. , such as bellows, diaphragms, packing and other parts to be tested. The accuracy of the test pressure instrument shall not be lower than 2.5, and the upper limit of the measurement range shall not be greater than 4 times of the test pressure.
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