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Pneumatic butterfly valve debugging process before leaving the factory

by:Lianke Valve     2022-04-27
Pneumatic butterfly valve is composed of pneumatic actuator and butterfly valve. Pneumatic butterfly valve is a pneumatic valve that uses a circular butterfly plate that rotates with the valve stem to open and close to realize the activation action. Increasing use on medium diameter pipes. The pneumatic butterfly valve produced and sold will be installed and debugged by professionals before leaving the factory. After the debugging is no problem, it can be packaged and shipped. Today, the installation and debugging of the pneumatic butterfly valve will be introduced: First, put the valve in the closed state with external force. In the closed state, that is, rotate the valve shaft clockwise until the valve plate and the valve seat are in sealing contact, and at the same time put the cylinder in the closed valve state (that is, the small groove above the cylinder shaft and the cylinder body are in a straight shape, and the valve is closed by rotating clockwise) , and then install the cylinder to the valve (the installation direction can be parallel or straight to the valve body), and then check whether the screw holes are aligned, there will not be too much error, if there is a small amount of error, just turn the cylinder body a little bit. Then tighten the screws. When debugging a pneumatic butterfly valve, first check whether the valve accessories are fully installed, the solenoid valve and noise reduction, etc., if they are incomplete, do not debug. The normal air pressure of the supply is 0.6MPA±0.05MPA. Before operation, ensure that there is no debris stuck in the valve plate in the valve body. , Manually operate the solenoid valve manual button during the initial commissioning operation (the solenoid valve coil is de-energized during manual operation, and the manual operation is only useful; during the electric control operation, the manual twist is placed at the 0 position, and the manual operation is only useful; the 0 position is Close the valve, the 1st position is to open the valve, that is, the valve will be opened when the power is turned on, and the valve will be closed when the power is turned off. If the valve needs to be turned off, the open position of the power-off is the valve, and the solenoid valve coil can be rotated 180 degrees. . If it is found during the commissioning operation that the valve is very slow at the starting position of the valve opening, but it only needs to act quickly after the action, and then the valve is very slow at the starting position of the valve opening during the commissioning process, but only needs to act. After that, it is very fast. In this case, the valve is closed too tightly. Just adjust the stroke of the cylinder a little bit (adjust the stroke adjustment screws at both ends of the cylinder a little at the same time. When adjusting, the valve needs to be turned to the open position, and then Turn off the air source and then adjust it), adjust the valve until it is easy to open, and close it in place without leakage. If the muffler is adjustable, the switching speed of the valve can be adjusted, and the muffler needs to be adjusted to a suitable opening for the valve switching speed. If the adjustment is too small, the valve may not move.
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