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Plug valve construction

by:Lianke Valve     2022-07-25
Valves, hydraulic control valves, plug valves, butterfly valves, D71F4-10C, D371F4-10C wafer type fluorine-lined butterfly valves that use the plug body with through holes as the opening and closing parts. The plug body rotates with the valve stem to realize the opening and closing action. Small unpacked plug valves are also known as 'cocks'. The plug body of the plug valve is mostly a cone (also a cylinder), which cooperates with the conical hole surface of the valve body to form a sealing pair. The plug valve is the earliest valve with simple structure, rapid switching and small fluid resistance. The ordinary plug valve is sealed by the direct contact between the finished metal plug body and the valve body, so the sealing performance is poor, the opening and closing force is large, and it is easy to wear. diameter (less than 100 mm). In order to expand the application range of plug valves, many new structures have been developed. The oil lubricated plug valve is the most important one (see Figure [Oil Lubricated Plug Valve]). The special grease is injected from the top of the plug body between the taper hole of the valve body and the plug body to form an oil film to reduce the opening and closing torque and improve the sealing performance and service life. Its working pressure can reach 64 MPa, the maximum working temperature can reach 325 ℃, and the maximum diameter can reach 600 mm. The passage of the plug valve comes in many forms. The common straight-through type is mainly used to cut off the fluid. Three-way and four-way plug valves are suitable for fluid reversing. The opening and closing part of the plug valve is a cylinder with a hole, which rotates around the axis perpendicular to the channel to achieve the purpose of opening and closing the channel. Plug valves are mainly used to open and close pipelines and equipment media. The main advantages of the plug valve are as follows: 1. It is suitable for frequent operation, opening and closing quickly and easily. 2. Small fluid resistance. 3. Simple structure, relatively small volume, light weight, easy maintenance. 4. Good sealing performance 5. It is not limited by the installation direction, and the flow direction of the medium can be arbitrary. 6. No vibration and low noise. The structure of the plug valve can be divided into four types according to the structural form: the fixed plug valve, the self-sealing plug valve, the packing plug valve and the oil-filled plug valve. The structure of the plug valve can be divided into three types: straight-through, three-way and four-way. The installation and maintenance of the plug valve should pay attention to the following matters: 1. Leave the position where the valve handle rotates. 2. It cannot be used for throttling. 3. The ball valve with transmission mechanism should be installed upright. Internal thread plug valve--internal thread packing plug, internal thread straight-through packing plug, rolling Siting angle, gland swivel door, cock, cross stop; Plug valve--flange packing plug, flange straight-through packing plug, Flange rolling Lan Siting angle, flange gland turning heart door.
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