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Performance characteristics of double-plate gate valve

by:Lianke Valve     2022-07-28
The basic principle of double-gate flat gate valve (spread type, top wedge): when the gate valve is closed, after the gate descends to the bottom, the valve stem continues to push the top wedge to move down, so that the two gates are opened and pressed tightly. On the sealing surfaces of the valve seats on both sides, a forced seal is achieved. When the valve is opened, the valve stem first moves upward with the top wedge, so that the two gate plates and the valve seat are separated, and then drives the gate plate to rise, so as to achieve the purpose of opening the gate. The double gate flat gate valve has the following structural characteristics: 1. The valve adopts a sealing structure composed of two parallel gates and their wedge devices to replace the traditional wedge gate valve structure. 2. The parts of the valve sealing mechanism are separated from each other, even if the deformation is caused by the temperature change, the sealing can still be guaranteed, and the gate will not be squeezed and cannot be opened due to high temperature expansion. 3. The valve seal is made of wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant materials, which prolongs the service life of the valve. 4. In the case of high temperature and high pressure, the gate on the inlet side is designed to be able to relieve pressure to prevent the abnormal increase of the pressure in the cavity caused by the temperature change, and to ensure the safety of use. 5. Fully enclosed structure, good protection performance, can be used all day long. The double gate flat gate valve has many advantages such as good sealing, good safety and long life. Its development level has also reached a certain height. At present, there are various types of double gate flat gate valves on the market, which are used in different fields and have different structural characteristics. The most traditional structural forms of double gate flat valve are self-sealing type (not suitable for high pressure environment and gradually replaced) and open type, and open type is divided into upper top wedge type and bottom top wedge type. The double-gate gate valves of these structures have their own characteristics, their cost and manufacturing process are also different, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. The design of gate valves also tends to be diversified, but there are also rules to follow. At present, the double gate flat gate valves on the market can be roughly divided into two categories. One is composed of two gates and wedges, which are relatively independent and complete the sealing effect together. The other type is the combination of the wedge and the gate, and the gate itself is used as a wedge structure to form a self-sealing by extrusion. In contrast, the second type of structure has better stability, because such a structure has many fewer parts under the same function. Thereby greatly improving the stability. The design should also take into account the situations that may be encountered in the actual application process, and design appropriate structures according to different situations. The flat valve studied in this subject is mainly used in the petroleum industry, so it is necessary to design a safe and reliable structure with good sealing performance and high strength. For closed-circuit equipment, non-pneumatic double gate valve Pneumatic double gate valve is allowed to be used for regulating flow and emptying. Widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, electric power and other industries. It is used for opening and closing on the pipelines of steam, water, oil and other media with nominal pressure ≤1.0MPa. There are parallel double gate gate valves, parallel single gate gate valves, rising rod parallel double gate gate valves, and rising rod parallel single gate gate valves. Product features: 1. When the system is working normally, the gate opens and closes at a constant speed of 1.0m/min; and when the system is powered off and other accident states, the closing is divided into two stages: fast closing and slow closing. 100-20% opening is fast closing, time is 10 (S). 20-0% opening is slow closing, and the time is 40 (S). 2. It is used as a cut-off and check valve at the pump outlet, and the valve also has a valve stem locking device. Guaranteed safe operation. 3. Z943T gate valve adopts a new type of electric device, which can be operated locally or remotely controlled, and can meet the requirements of computer program control. The control is accurate, safe and reliable. Working principle: Parallel double gate gate valve is a kind of ceramic gate valve. Therefore, its structure and working principle are the same as those of the gate valve. The opening and closing body (valve plate) is driven by the valve stem to move the sealing surface of the valve seat to move up and down, which can connect or cut off the fluid channel. When the valve is partially opened, eddy current is generated on the back of the gate, which is easy to cause erosion and vibration of the gate, and it is also easy to damage the sealing surface of the valve seat, which is difficult to repair. closed condition. The working principle of the parallel double gate valve: with the external power provided by the cylinder or the hand wheel, the valve stem drives the valve plate to move up and down to realize the opening and closing of the valve. The valve plate and the valve seat are in close contact to achieve sealing.
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