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Paying attention to the packing problem can reduce the leakage problem of the fluorine-lined ball valve

by:Lianke Valve     2022-04-07
Paying attention to the packing problem can reduce the leakage problem of the fluorine-lined ball valve. Packing is the sealing material of the fluorine-lined ball valve. It is used to fill the space of the packing box of the fluorine-lined valve to prevent the medium from leaking through the valve stem and the packing box space. The life of a valve is in many cases determined by the life of the valve sealing surfaces and packing system. Fluorine-lined valves have four main requirements for packing: corrosion resistance; good sealing; small friction coefficient; Leakage at the packing of fluorine-lined valves is the most common and the most difficult fault to overcome in various installations. For valves with serious leakage at the packing, the wear of the valve stem is almost severe after disassembly. The main reason is that the packing size is irregular, rough and has high hardness; at the same time, the inner wall of the packing box is rough processed, and the medium leaks outward; the stiffness of the valve stem If it is not enough, closing the valve with force is easy to bend and cause leakage; the valve stem has low precision, the surface roughness is too high, and the material is not resistant to medium corrosion; the method of disassembly and assembly is incorrect, and the variety of packing is monotonous and cannot meet the requirements of working conditions; The box and gland are not coaxial, so that the packing pressure is biased, etc. These problems concentratedly reflect the design and manufacturing quality problems of filler material selection, type selection, processing, and assembly.
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