Modern process method of periodic sequential transportation of fluorine-lined ball valves using pipelines

by:Lianke Valve     2022-05-22
The fluorine-lined ball valve utilizes the modern process method of periodic sequential transportation of pipelines. The fluorine-lined ball valve utilizes the modern technological method of periodic sequential transportation of pipelines, which can simultaneously transport dozens of batches of different types of refined oil along the same pipeline. The properties of oil products are grouped by the degree of similarity. For example, putting gasoline in one group and diesel in another group, two batches of oil products belonging to different groups constitute a cycle. Before starting to convey, for each cycle of the fluorine-lined ball valve, a process chart for the arrangement of batches of refined oil should be prepared, and the sequence of various refined oils and their batch volumes should be indicated on the chart. Each batch cycle is organized at the first station of the pipeline according to this process diagram. Each batch of oil products should be constructed in such a way that when changing from one batch of oil products to another batch of oil products in one cycle, the physical and chemical properties of the oil products are not the same. The changes should be sharp so that the most valuable oils, such as high-octane gasoline, retain their properties until the end of the transfer process. The sequential delivery of these oil groups is carried out in cycles, each cycle includes batches of gasoline and diesel of different brands, and an average of dozens of cycles are delivered each year. The fluorine-lined ball valves in these pipelines play a role in corrosion resistance, better protect the pipeline.
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