Manual Fluorine Butterfly Valve Installation Instructions

by:Lianke Valve     2022-04-17
Manual Fluorine-lined Butterfly Valve Installation Instructions 1. Application and performance specifications of manual fluorine-lined butterfly valve This valve is designed and manufactured in accordance with the provisions of GB/T12238, and is suitable for strong acid and strong alkali medium with temperature of -29℃~150℃. It is used as an opening and closing device in the pipeline system, and can ensure good sealing performance under working pressure. Manual fluorine-lined butterfly valve (detailed parameters and physical pictures) performance specifications Strong bases 2. Main structure and working principle of manual fluorine-lined butterfly valve The structure of the lined butterfly valve is a centerline sealed type, the valve stem and the disc are integrated, and the disc is rotated 90° to realize the opening and closing process of the valve. The centerline sealing butterfly valve is that the entire disc and the valve seat are concentric within a 360° circumference, with bidirectional sealing performance, and the pressure and flow can be adjusted freely. The butterfly valve is small in size, light in weight and compact in structure. Compared with the gate valve with the same parameters, the weight is reduced by about 35-60. The butterfly valve can withstand the medium corrosion of the corresponding lining material, adopts a four-pole sealing structure, and is equipped with a special rubber elastic gasket on the sealing surface, which has good sealing performance. Special grooves and special O-rings are used to seal the joints of the shaft end and the disc circumference to prevent the leakage of the medium and achieve zero leakage. It can be configured with pneumatic, electric, hydraulic and other driving devices to realize remote control and automatic operation. The specific structure is shown in the attached drawing 3. The main external dimensions and connection dimensions of the manual fluorine-lined butterfly valve (see the attached drawing) QQ screenshot 20140319140657.jpg 4. The material of the main parts of the manual fluorine-lined butterfly valve Butterfly plate WCB+F46 3 valve body bushing F46 4 handle WCC 5. Storage, installation, use and maintenance of manual fluorine lined butterfly valve , In the dry warehouse, it is strictly forbidden to stack and store in the open air. Both ends of the valve should be sealed with plugs to prevent dust and impurities from entering the valve. 2. Before the valve is installed, it is necessary to carefully check whether the valve mark and the certificate of conformity meet the requirements for use, and the installation can be carried out after confirmation. It is not allowed to damage the fluorine sealing surfaces at both ends during installation. Gaskets are generally not added when lined valves are connected to lined pipes. Appropriate gaskets should be used when connecting to pipe fittings of metallic material. 3. When the valve is in use, it is only used for full opening or full closing. 4. When the valve is in use, it should be observed at any time. If the fault is found, it should be stopped immediately, and the cause should be identified and eliminated. Possible failures of manual fluorine-lined butterfly valves, causes and methods of elimination The leakage and sealing surface around the disc is worn out. Replace the seat ring gasket. The rubber loses its elasticity. Replace the rubber pad. There is a gap between the valve body and the disc. Lock the countersunk bolts on both sides of the valve body until the gap is eliminated. Repair damaged layer or replace valve
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