Main functions and structural features of fully welded ball valves

by:Lianke Valve     2022-08-06
Structural features of fully welded ball valve 1. Since the valve body is a welded steel pipe structure, the valve weight is relatively light; 2. The ball gasket is made of reinforced PTFE, which has very good sealing performance; 3. The ball and stem are made of stainless steel , The valve stem adopts explosion-proof design; 4. The anti-flying valve stem structure with two O-rings ensures the tightness of its sealing. The main functions of all-welded ball valves All-welded ball valves have four main functions: start and stop the flow of the medium; regulate the flow of the medium; prevent backflow or backflow and regulate or relieve fluid pressure. The choice of building piping system can be considered based on factors such as temperature, medium type, pressure, etc.
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