Knowledge of pneumatic butterfly valve

by:Lianke Valve     2022-08-09
Pneumatic butterfly valve consists of pneumatic actuator and butterfly valve. The pneumatic butterfly valve is opened and closed by a circular butterfly plate that rotates according to the axis of the valve, and the air valve that makes the action effective is mainly used as a shut-off valve. In addition, it is designed to have adjustment and segment valve and adjustment functions. Now, the use of butterfly valves in low-pressure large and medium-diameter pipelines has increased. The working principle of the pneumatic butterfly valve: the butterfly plate of the butterfly valve is installed in the diameter direction of the pipe. In the cylindrical channel of the butterfly valve disc, the disc-shaped butterfly plate rotates around the axis, and the rotation angle is between 0° and 90°. When it rotates to 90°, the valve is in a fully open state. The butterfly valve is simple in structure, small in size and light in weight, and consists of several components. In addition, it can be turned on and off at a high speed by rotating 90°, which is easy to operate, and the valve has good fluid control characteristics. When the butterfly valve is in the fully open position, the thickness of the disc is the only resistance that flows through the valve body, so there is less pressure drop across the valve and therefore better flow control characteristics. Butterfly valves have bullet seals and metal seals. The elastic sealing valve and sealing ring can be installed around the valve body or disc. Maintenance and debugging of pneumatic butterfly valve: usually clean the surface of the cylinder and refuel at the circlip of the cylinder shaft. Open the cylinder end cover regularly every 6 months to check whether there is debris and moisture in the cylinder, and the state of grease. If the grease is missing or dry, the cylinder should be disassembled for comprehensive maintenance and cleaning, and then the grease should be added. Cylinder block disassembly and assembly methods and precautions: first disassemble the cylinder from the valve body, first disassemble the cylinder end caps, pay attention to the direction of the piston rack when disassembling the piston, and then use external force to rotate the cylinder shaft clockwise to make it. The piston runs to the outermost side, and then slowly ventilate the closing valve hole. Use air pressure to gently push the piston out, but this method must pay attention to slowly ventilating, otherwise the piston will suddenly spray out, which is a little dangerous! Then put the circlip on the cylinder shaft. Remove it, and the cylinder shaft can be taken out from the other end. Then each part can be cleaned and greased. The parts that need to be greased are: the inner wall of the cylinder and the piston sealing ring, the rack and the back ring, as well as the gear shaft and the sealing ring. After the grease is added, it must be installed in the reverse order of disassembly and parts. After installation, it must be installed in the reverse order of disassembly and parts. Be sure to pay attention to the position of the rack and pinion. Be sure to ensure that the piston is retracted when the valve is opened. In the innermost position, the upper end groove of the gear shaft is parallel to the cylinder block. When the valve is closed, that is, when the piston extends to the outermost position, the upper end groove of the gear shaft is perpendicular to the cylinder block. The introduction of pneumatic butterfly valve is here today. If you have any questions or want to buy, you can consult Lianke Valve Co., Ltd., a company dedicated to the production of valves. Contact +86-577-8585 9626 or.
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