Knowledge of piston pressure reducing valve

by:Lianke Valve     2022-08-14
Today, I will introduce the working principle of the piston pressure reducing valve and its installation steps. The piston pressure reducing valve uses the opening and closing parts in the control valve to adjust the flow of the medium, and at the same time adjusts the opening degree of the opening and closing parts by using the pressure behind the valve to keep the pressure behind the valve within a certain range. The piston type pressure reducing valve balances the pressure through the piston, and the piston has a large friction force in the cylinder, and the sensitivity is lower than that of the film type pressure reducing valve. In addition, its manufacturing technology is very strict, especially for components such as pistons, piston rings, cylinders, etc. If they are used in steam pressure reducing valves, the expansion gap of these components after being heated is difficult to control, which is prone to blockage and gas leakage, which affects the sensitivity. Pressure reducing valves with such a structure are widely used, especially when the temperature of the medium is high, it is difficult to solve the problem of film type pressure reducing valves with high temperature resistant film materials, so a large number of piston type pressure reducing valves are used. Can also be used for media such as water and air. The piston type pressure reducing valve is an essential part of the pneumatic control valve. That job is controlled by post-valve pressure. When the pressure sensor detects that the valve pressure shows an increase, the valve opening of the pressure reducing valve decreases. It is detected that the pressure of the pressure reducing valve decreases, and the opening of the pressure reducing valve increases to meet the control requirements. Piston type steam pressure reducing valve consists of main valve and pilot valve. The main valve is mainly composed of valve seat, main valve plate, piston, cylinder head, spring and other components. The focus of the pilot valve is composed of valve seat, valve disc, diaphragm, spring, fine-tuning spring and other components. The spring pressure is fine-tuned to set the output pressure, and the change of the sensing outlet pressure of the membrane is used to adjust the size of the flow area of ​​the piston buffer part driven by the opening and closing of the lead valve, so as to realize the decompression and stability function. When the high-pressure gas does not enter the pressure reducing valve, the valve core (ie the piston) is located at the bottom of the cavity in the lower casing under the action of the spring force, and the valve port (ie, S0) is in an open state. Part of the gas enters the bottom of the lower casing along the channel indicated by the dotted line, the gas pressure at the bottom of the lower casing rises, and the valve core rises against the spring force. As the valve core rises, the opening and closing amount is reduced, the decompression capacity is improved, and the output pressure is reduced. After such self-adjustment, in the end the spool cannot operate, and the balance of force can be achieved. The above is a brief introduction to the piston pressure reducing valve. If you have any questions, you can consult Lianke Valve Co.,Ltd. at any time. Tel: +86-577-8585 9626.
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