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Kickoff Meeting of November

Kickoff Meeting of November


Do not forget the original intention to seek development, forge ahead to create brilliance, and sprint the battle drum of the annual task goal has sounded. On November 8, Lianke Valve Co., Ltd. held a launching meeting on the third floor of the office building to further unify the thinking, clarify the goal, and strive to complete the tasks throughout the year.

At the launch meeting, the completion of various tasks and objectives was reported, and the benchmark of outstanding monthly performance was awarded, in order to encourage advanced, set an example, and fully show the positive spirit of Lianke people


General Manager Chen Guanghui arranged the deployment of key tasks and work measures in the next stage.

Chen Guanghui, general manager of Lianke Valve Co., LTD., said: All staff should understand the situation, focus on strategic objectives, grasp the trend, firm confidence, and overcome difficulties. Starting from the concept of "gathering resources, increasing sales, reducing costs and promoting benefits", we will improve execution, pay close attention to implementation, and promote the effective implementation of various work. At the same time, strengthen the introduction of high-end talents, strengthen team building, accelerate the improvement of quality and efficiency, and strive for new breakthroughs to contribute to the company's annual performance.

The convening of the launch meeting has clarified the direction for all staff, strengthened confidence, further accelerated the promotion of employee motivation and work passion, and provided a solid guarantee for promoting the high-quality development of enterprises.

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