Introduction to the relationship between the opening degree and flow rate of fluorine-lined butterfly valve

by:Lianke Valve     2022-08-31
As an important executive unit in the field of modern industrial automation control, the fluorine-lined butterfly valve is mainly composed of a angular stroke electric actuator and a butterfly valve through mechanical connection and after installation and debugging. It has good fluid control characteristics and closing sealing performance. It has the advantages of small size, light weight, simple structure and small driving torque, and is suitable for connecting and adjusting the medium in the pipeline. During the installation process of the fluorine-lined butterfly valve, the disc of the butterfly valve should stop in the closed position. The opening position is mainly determined by the rotation angle of the butterfly plate. For butterfly valves with bypass valves, the bypass valve should be opened before opening. , should be installed according to the manufacturer's installation instructions, heavy butterfly valves should be set up with a solid foundation. The relationship between the opening degree and the flow rate of the fluorine-lined butterfly valve is basically a linear proportional change. If it is used to control the flow rate, its flow characteristics are also closely related to the flow resistance of the piping. For example, the diameter and form of the valves installed in the two pipes are the same. , and the pipeline loss coefficient is different, the flow rate of the valve will be very different. When the fluorine-lined butterfly valve is in the middle opening, the shape of the opening formed by the valve body and the front end of the butterfly plate is centered on the valve shaft, and the two sides form different states. Therefore, one side of the valve body and the valve plate form a nozzle-like opening, and the other side is like a throttle hole-shaped opening. The nozzle side has a much faster flow rate than the throttle side, and negative pressure will be generated under the throttle side valve. , rubber seals tend to fall off.
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