Introduction to the advantages of pneumatic actuators and electric actuators

by:Lianke Valve     2022-06-23
In the supply and use of valves, pneumatic actuators and electric actuators are the main actuators used together. Many times users will have doubts about the selection, so let's take a look at the advantages of pneumatic actuators and electric actuators. In terms of technical performance, the advantages of pneumatic actuators mainly include the following four aspects: 1. Large load, can adapt to the application of high torque output. 2. Quick action and quick response. 3. Good adaptability to working environment, especially in harsh working environments such as flammable, explosive, dusty, strong magnetism, radiation and vibration, it is superior to hydraulic, electronic and electrical control. 4. The motor is easily damaged when the stroke is blocked or the valve stem is tied. The advantages of electric actuators mainly include: 1. Compact structure and small size. Compared with pneumatic actuators, electric actuators are relatively simple in structure. A basic electronic system includes actuators, three-position DPDT switches, fuses and some wires, which are easy to assemble. 2. The drive source of the electric actuator is very flexible. Generally, the on-board power supply can meet the needs, while the pneumatic actuator needs an air source and a compression drive device. 3. Electric actuators have no danger of air leakage and have high reliability, while the compressibility of air makes pneumatic actuators less stable. 4. There is no need to install and maintain various pneumatic pipelines. 5. The load can be maintained without power, while the pneumatic actuator needs a continuous pressure supply. 6. Electric actuators are quieter because no additional pressure devices are required. Usually, if the pneumatic actuator is under heavy load, a silencer should be installed. 7. In the pneumatic device, it is usually necessary to convert the electrical signal into a gas signal, and then into an electrical signal. The transmission speed is slow, and it is not suitable for complex circuits with too many components. 8. Electric actuators are superior in control accuracy.
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