Introduction to Plastic Diaphragm Valves

by:Lianke Valve     2022-09-05
As far as I know, the pressure of the plastic diaphragm valve is 10 kg and can be linked with a 16 kg flange. Its maximum temperature can be 130 degrees, and the minimum temperature is minus 40 degrees. Then his connection method has flange and socket bonding. Next, I will introduce you to the plastic diaphragm valve in great detail. The biggest difference between the plastic diaphragm valve and other valves is that it adopts a structure without stuffing box; , leakage” and other disadvantages. The plastic diaphragm valve replaces the valve core assembly with a corrosion-resistant plastic valve seat and a corrosion-resistant diaphragm, and uses the movement of the diaphragm to adjust. It is suitable for the adjustment of strong corrosive media such as strong acid and strong alkali. The plastic diaphragm valve has a simple structure, small fluid resistance and larger flow capacity than other types of valves of the same specification; no leakage, and can be used for the adjustment of high viscosity and suspended particle media. The flow characteristics of the plastic diaphragm valve are close to the quick-opening characteristics, which are approximately linear before 60% of the stroke, and the flow rate changes little after 60%. The use characteristics and working principle of the plastic diaphragm valve (1) The soft rubber diaphragm valve can cut off the medium. (2) Because rubber has certain corrosion resistance, it is usually promoted and applied as a corrosion-resistant material, and it continues to this day. (3) The flow path is simple and has a 'self-cleaning' effect, which can be used for unclean media. (4) It is suitable for the transportation of corrosive media and the regulation of flow shutoff and flow. The flow parts are assembled with RPP or PVDF injection molding parts, which have excellent corrosion resistance, easy operation and light weight, and can replace stainless steel valves. (5) The diaphragm of the seal is made of F46 or PFA, the number of times of folding is ≥1200 times, and the corrosion resistance is equivalent to that of F4. (6) The screw lifting structure is adopted, the opening and closing torque is large, and the stability is good. A. The valve flap is opened, the fluid enters the valve body, and the flow resistance is small. B. The valve flap is slowly closed downwards, the diaphragm begins to deform downwards, and the rotational torque of the handwheel is small. C. The valve is closed and there is no leakage. After the diaphragm and the valve seat are in conflict, there is no need to tighten it hard. Installation and maintenance: 1. Before installing the plastic diaphragm valve, it should be carefully checked whether the operating conditions of the pipeline are in line with the specified use range of the valve, and the inner cavity should be cleaned to prevent dirt from blocking or damaging the sealing parts. 2. Do not paint the surface of the lining layer and rubber diaphragm with grease to prevent the rubber from swelling and affecting the service life of the diaphragm valve. 3, or the transmission mechanism, it is not allowed to be used for lifting, and collision is strictly prohibited. 4. When operating the diaphragm valve, the auxiliary lever should not be used to prevent the driving parts or sealing parts from being damaged due to excessive torque. 5. The valve should be stored in a dry and ventilated room, and stacking is strictly prohibited. Both ends of the stock diaphragm valve must be sealed, and the opening and closing parts should be in a slightly open state. How much temperature the plastic diaphragm valve can withstand also needs to be calculated according to its material. Lianke Valve Co.,Ltd. is a company dedicated to valve innovation and manufacturing, and strives to bring better and more practical valves to everyone. If you still don't know anything about today's content, please call Lianke Valve Co.,Ltd. for consultation.
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