Introduction of soft sealing gate valve

by:Lianke Valve     2022-08-02
For the leakage methods of soft-sealed gate valves, the common ones are as follows: 1. The solenoid valve on the cylinder is leaking air, which may be due to the high air pressure in the pressure reducing valve. 2. The exhaust hole of the cylinder is leaking, this is because the two moving parts inside the cylinder and the sealing ring of the cylinder block are aging. 3. 3. Air leakage from the upper and lower parts of the cylinder is due to the fact that the sealing ring at the seal between the actuator and the cylinder does not achieve the sealing effect due to the frequent movement of the actuator. In addition to the above three situations, there is another situation that may cause the cylinder to leak, that is, the spring in the cylinder is damaged, which may also be caused by insufficient force. The gas problem must be considered according to the actual situation, for example, whether the valve is gas-open or gas-closed. For the gas-open valve, we can first close the hand valves at both ends, and then let the central control control the valve. Open, first disassemble the connecting piece at the connection, then cut off the gas source, and release the gas at the pressure reducing valve at this time, note that the actuator will rotate 90°C at this time, and after the final replacement, be sure to pay attention to the actuator The organization moved back to its original location. Solutions: 1. Replace the sealing ring of the actuator. 2. Replace the sealing ring at the cylinder. 3. Adjust the air pressure of the pressure reducing valve to 3-5 kg, or disassemble the lower part of the solenoid valve to ventilate several times, and sometimes it is possible to replace the solenoid valve. 4. Replace the spring in the cylinder .Soft sealing gate valve can be widely used in tap water, sewage, construction, food, electric power, medicine, metallurgy, textile, energy system and other fluid pipelines as regulating and shut-off devices.
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