Introduction of Electric Metal Sealed Butterfly Valve

by:Lianke Valve     2022-08-21
What is the difference between an electric metal-sealed butterfly valve and a butterfly valve? Let's take a look today. The following will briefly introduce the basic knowledge of electric metal-sealed butterfly valves. Electric metal seal butterfly valve is suitable for water medium in non-corrosive occasions. It is used for cutting and opening the medium, but not for adjusting the flow. Its structure adopts the three-dimensional eccentric principle design, so that the space movement trajectory of the sealing surface reaches an ideal state, there is no friction and interference between the sealing surfaces, and the valve plate sealing ring adopts a multi-layer structure compatible with hard and soft sealing, so that the sealing performance of the butterfly valve is improved. , corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and wear resistance have been reliably guaranteed. The main material of the valve is ductile iron, which has good mechanical properties and good atmospheric corrosion resistance. The anti-corrosion treatment is to spray epoxy resin after surface shot blasting and heat curing, and the coating has firm adhesion and good wear resistance. The transmission device adopts a part-turn electric actuator with excellent performance or a multi-turn electric actuator with a two-stage worm gear reduction structure. The worm gear box has a built-in limit device, and the switch operation is flexible and reliable. Electric actuators can be used in various combinations such as common type, integral type, and intelligent type. The characteristics of the electric metal-sealed butterfly valve are as follows: 1. Small opening torque, flexible and convenient, labor-saving and energy-saving. 2 The three-dimensional eccentric structure makes the butterfly plate more tightly closed, the sealing performance is reliable, and no leakage is achieved. 3. High pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and long service life. Installation and use instructions: 1 Storage: It must be stored in a dry and ventilated room. During storage, it should be in a closed state, and the flanges at both ends should be closed. 2 Installation: It can be installed in any position, but attention should be paid to easy maintenance and operation. Before installation, it must be carefully checked whether the valve logo and nameplate conform to the requirements of the working conditions. Before installation, clean the inner cavity and sealing surface, and check the sealing surface, bolt connection, packing compression, and whether the valve stem rotates freely. The handwheel and transmission mechanism are not allowed to be used for lifting. During installation, the connecting bolts should be tightened evenly and symmetrically. After installation, the valve must be fully open for pipe purging and system pressure testing. 3 Use: The operating conditions must be consistent with the provisions of the nameplate and the instruction manual. When opening and closing the valve, use the limit point as the fully open sign, and forcibly twisting it will cause damage. The valve can be opened and closed by electric actuator, and it can also be operated by manual mechanism in emergency (or debugging state). For the use and maintenance instructions of electric actuators, please refer to the use and maintenance instructions of electric actuators. Possible failures and elimination methods of electric metal-sealed butterfly valves: 1. Leakage at the hair dryer. 2. The sealing surface is leaking. Elimination method: 1. Increase the number of flexible graphite sealing rings and press them tightly. 2. Remove the sundries, replace the sealing ring, and replace the valve plate. Today, I will introduce it here for you. If you have any questions, you can consult Lianke Valve Co.,Ltd., contact: +86-577-8585 9626 .
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