Introduce the use characteristics of pneumatic V-shaped ball valve

by:Lianke Valve     2022-05-02
The V-type ball valve is a fixed ball valve, and it is also a single-seat sealed ball valve. The adjustment performance is the best in the ball valve. It has a shearing effect between the V-shaped notch and the metal valve seat, and is especially suitable for media containing fibers, tiny solid particles, and slurry. Pneumatic actuators can be matched according to customer requirements. Application characteristics of pneumatic V-shaped ball valve: 1. The purpose is a right-angle rotation structure. It is used together with the valve positioner to realize proportional adjustment; Large ratio, good sealing effect, zero-sensitivity adjustment performance, small size, and can be installed vertically. Suitable for controlling gas, steam, liquid and other media. 2. Features: It is a right-angle rotary structure, consisting of a V-shaped valve body, a pneumatic actuator, a positioner and other accessories; it has an inherent flow characteristic of approximately equal percentage; it adopts a double-bearing structure, with low starting torque and extremely high performance. Good sensitivity and induction speed; super shearing ability. 3. The pneumatic piston actuator uses compressed air as the power source, and drives the crank arm to rotate 90 degrees through the movement of the piston to automatically open and close the valve. Its components are: adjusting bolt, actuator box, crank arm, cylinder block, cylinder shaft, piston, connecting rod, universal shaft.
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