Instructions for use of cast iron gate

by:Lianke Valve     2022-09-04
Since it is a cast iron gate with high hardness, the place where it is used must be a place where a lot of force will be generated, such as a water conservancy project. It is convenient to perform a switch action on the water conservancy project. 1. Structure Cast iron gate is composed of gate frame, gate, pressure plate, hanger, closed pressure plate, standard parts, anchor bolts and other components. 2. Scope of application The function of the gate is to partially or fully open accounts and close water orifices as needed. to adjust the water level downstream. Discharge flow is widely used in farmland irrigation, agricultural economic development, aquaculture, sewage treatment, rivers (pipes, sluices, culverts, dams), reservoirs, and hydropower stations. It is a special equipment for drought resistance, flood control, power generation, water storage, wood passing, navigation, sediment discharge, other floating objects and ice, etc., and it can be used in plains, mountainous areas or areas without electricity. 3. Technical characteristics Cast iron gates all implement national standards from production and installation, design and acceptance, raw material entering the factory, anti-corrosion, technological process, parts processing, finished product sales, quality inspection and after-sales service. , After the water conservancy department's 'Hydraulic Metal Structure Quality' testing center identification, all meet the technical requirements of water conservancy projects. The manufacturing precision and product performance have reached the advanced level in the domestic and the same industry! The cast iron gate has the advantages of flexible opening and closing, beautiful appearance, simple structure, convenient installation, safe operation, good water stop performance, tight water sealing, and good water impermeability, can withstand large water pressure, strong corrosion resistance, and control water flow. It has the advantages of low friction, reasonable distribution of water, long service life, safe operation of the river, and low maintenance costs. Working principle The cast iron gate is lowered and raised by the hoist. Make the gate slide up and down in the slideway of the gate frame. It can fully or partially close and open the water orifice under the pressure of the water column. Force the gate to move downstream. Close to the water stop surface of the gate frame. Guarantee, the effect of water stop is good. To achieve the purpose of controlling the water level and regulating the flow! 5. Adjustment and installation Before installing the cast iron gate, it is necessary to check whether the maximum external size of the gate and the hole reserved for the foundation layout of the second-stage pouring cement structure are consistent. The size of the surrounding of the opening of the foundation must be 20 cm around the maximum shape of the gate. a Cast iron gate before installation. First of all, it is necessary to check whether the connecting bolts of various parts are loose during loading, unloading or transportation. If it is loose, it should be tightened with a wrench. b cast iron gate before installation;. First of all, the direction of water flow should be determined. Then, the correct height position of the plane on the cross frame at the bottom of the gate must be corrected. The upper plane of the horizontal frame at the bottom of the gate must be half a meter higher than the plane of the river bottom (or canal bottom). to prevent the impact of water flow. The floating objects such as miscellaneous wood, stone, and sand are flushed into the groove of the horizontal frame at the bottom of the gate. As a result, the gate cannot be lowered to the corresponding position. Affect the effect of water stop c Check again whether the water stop around the connection between the vertical gate frame on both sides and the lower and upper horizontal gate frame is dislocated. If there is dislocation, use a wrench to loosen the bolts at the connection. At the same time, adjust the surrounding water stop surface to the same level. Tighten again. d When the gate is assembled, in order to make the water-stop friction surface of the gate and the gate frame fit more tightly, and reduce the gap after installation, the gate is equipped with pressure plate clamps on the upper and lower horizontal frames, and the inclined irons on both sides of the gate frame are installed. The top wire has been added. Note that after the gap is adjusted, the clamping iron and the top wire are removed, so that the gate opening and closing will not be affected. When the gate is installed, it should be installed in place as a whole. It is forbidden to install the gate and the gate frame separately to prevent the gate frame from bending and deforming, which will affect the water-stopping effect and opening and closing. After the second-stage cement is poured at the gate, the cement slurry flowing into the gap between the gate, gate frame and closed pressure plate should be removed in time to prevent the cement slurry from solidifying and affecting the opening and closing of the gate. Sixth, use and maintenance Cast iron gate, when opening and closing the water orifice, should pay attention to the upper and lower limit positions of the gate, so as not to damage the gate or the hoist. During the opening and closing process of the gate, if there is any abnormal situation, it should stop using it immediately, and check and deal with it in time, and continue to use it after troubleshooting. When the gate is closed, the gate should be suspended for 2 minutes at a distance of 10 cm from the bottom sill of the gate, and the gravel and debris in the bottom gate groove should be washed away by the rapid current of the gate bottom sill, and then the gate should be closed. In order to prolong the service life of the gate, after the gate has been used for a period of time, it is necessary to take advantage of the dry season to carry out anti-corrosion treatment. The above is the explanation of the use of cast iron valves, I hope it can help you,If there is any doubt. Welcome to call Lianke Valve Co.,Ltd., we will answer your questions. Lianke Valve Co.,Ltd. is a company dedicated to valve innovation and manufacturing, striving to bring better valves to everyone.
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