Instructions for installation skills of low temperature fluorine lined butterfly valve

by:Lianke Valve     2022-05-12
Low-temperature fluorine-lined butterfly valves are usually used in a working environment of several degrees below zero. As a special fluorine-lined butterfly valve, it is also very important in installation skills. The low temperature fluorine lined butterfly valve adopts the structure of lengthening the bonnet, so that the medium circulation part is in a low temperature environment, and the operating part is in a normal temperature state, which can make the operation more convenient. Low-temperature fluorine-lined butterfly valves are often tested smoothly at room temperature, but at low temperatures, the thermal expansion coefficient will be different due to thermal expansion and contraction and the different materials of each part, which will easily cause the fluorine-lined butterfly valve to get stuck. Can't even open. 1. During installation, the valve and the pipeline are configured unreasonably to generate prestress; or the cold compensation capability of the pipeline is poor, and the valve position changes at low temperature; or the valve lacks a bracket, resulting in deformation at low temperature; The door is not fixed properly, and the cold box is deformed at low temperature, which affects the concentricity of the valve stem and the valve body. 2. In terms of design, due to the different materials of the valve stem and the valve sleeve, the linear expansion coefficient is also different. 3. During operation, due to incomplete heating at the valve, or water entering the valve packing, freezing at low temperature, or closing the valve too tightly at normal temperature, the thread is bitten and so on. In order to prevent the fluorine-lined butterfly valve from being stuck, we use a rising rod bracket structure and coarse trapezoidal thread in the design; there should be a solid bracket at the valve during installation to prevent the valve from being displaced with the pipeline. Bend.
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