Installation of Wafer Check Valves

by:Lianke Valve     2022-09-01
Wafer check valve is a general purpose one-way fluid valve. The wafer check valve is light in weight, small in size, and easy to install between flanges. The inside of the valve is composed of two semicircular springs and a plate surface. The spring is fixed on the valve body with a pin. The pressure in turn deforms the open spring quickly, which protects the pipe from water hammer damage. Matters needing attention when installing the wafer check valve: 1. When placing the pipeline, pay attention to make the passing direction of the wafer check valve consistent with the flow direction of the fluid; 2. The installation is in a straight pipeline. For the horizontal pipeline, place the wafer check valve straight; 3. Use a telescopic tube between the wafer check valve and the butterfly valve, never connect it directly with other valves; 4. On the valve plate Within the operating radius, avoid adding pipe joints and blockages; 5. Do not install a reducing pipe in front of or behind the wafer check valve; 6. When installing the wafer check valve near the elbow, pay attention to Leave enough space; 7. When the water pump outlet is equipped with a wafer check valve, at least a space of six times the diameter of the valve should flow out to ensure that the butterfly plate is finally affected by the fluid.
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