Installation-level maintenance and maintenance instructions for fluorine-lined valves

by:Lianke Valve     2022-06-02
Installation-level maintenance and maintenance instructions for fluorine-lined valves 1. The flange cover of fluorine-lined valves cannot be opened at will. Unless it is ready to be connected to the pipeline, the PTFE flange surface may be affected by bumps, scratches or distortion caused by temperature differences and foreign objects. Sealing, if the cover plate is moved due to inspection needs, the cover plate must be reset quickly after inspection to protect the PTFE flange surface. 2. When the fluorine-lined valve is connected to the pipeline, the gasket is generally not used alone, but when it is connected with the flange surface of dissimilar materials (metal surface, etc.), an appropriate gasket should be used to protect the PTFE flange surface. 3. If the fluorine-lined valve is used in the system, if leakage occurs at a higher temperature, the system temperature should be lowered to room temperature first, and then the cause should be identified and repaired. 4. It is not allowed to do any high temperature welding work on the fluorine-lined valve, so as to avoid permanent damage to the lining layer. 5. During installation, the flange nuts should be evenly tightened in turn in the diagonal direction (symmetrical), with appropriate torque: a If the flange sealing surface leaks and the nut at the leaking position is locked, the leaking position should be loosened at this time. Turn the nut half a turn, and tighten it again with the same torque on the opposite side. b If the above measures still do not stop the leakage, check whether there are concave and convex indentations and scratches on the PTFE flange surface. At that time, spun yarn paper and cloth can be used to level and reconnect. 6. Fluorine-lined valves should be stored in a dry and ventilated room, and stacking is strictly prohibited. 7. The sealing pair of the fluorine-lined valve stored for a long time should be in a slightly open and separated state to avoid permanent deformation of the sealing surface under long-term pressure, which will affect the sealing performance and service life. 8. When manually operating the fluorine-lined valve, it is not allowed to use other levers to force the valve to open or close. 9. When installing fluorine-lined valves with directional requirements, pay attention to the flow direction of the medium should follow the direction indicated by the arrow on the valve body, and ensure convenient operation and maintenance. 10. The repaired fluorine-lined valve must be tested and qualified according to relevant standards before it can be installed.
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