Installation and use of ventilation butterfly valve

by:Lianke Valve     2022-07-26
Instructions for use of the ventilation butterfly valve: The structural design of the ventilation butterfly valve should be combined with the working conditions of the valve. 1. Under the smelting conditions of high temperature and high dust content, the design of the ventilation butterfly valve can adopt a flat inclined plate structure. There is a gap between the butterfly plate and the valve body of this structure. The use conditions are determined, generally controlled within 0.5% of the channel area, which can meet the requirements of the installation of the ventilation butterfly valve, the temperature change of the working condition and the smelting process. 2. Under the conditions of acid production with high temperature and low dust content, the design of the ventilation butterfly valve can adopt a vertical plate structure. The sealing surface of the structure is easy to process, and the clearance value of the sealing surface is controlled within 0.2% of the channel area. The dimensional accuracy of valve body and butterfly plate sealing pair can meet the design requirements through machining. 3. For the working conditions of high temperature, low pressure and strict sealing requirements, the design of the ventilation butterfly valve adopts a lever-type plane structure. The preparation of the sealing pair and the running track of the butterfly plate can meet the technological requirements of the pipe network equipment with high sealing performance. The main body seal of the ventilation butterfly valve adopts different structures according to different working conditions, which is beneficial to the production and use of the valve. The shaft end structure design of the ventilation butterfly valve adopts an external support structure with excellent heat insulation and sealing effect, which can realize the function of the two shaft ends of the valve being sealed first and then supported, which is convenient for adjustment and will not cause shaft end jamming. When the direct connection type or the crank connecting rod mechanism is connected with the transmission mechanism, the installation of the heat insulation sleeve can effectively keep away from the influence of the high temperature environment on the transmission device and ensure the normal operation of the valve. The valve body and disc of the large-diameter ventilation butterfly valve should be cast or welded according to the requirements of the working conditions, and should be equipped with rib plates, and a reasonable process plan and material should be selected to improve the rigidity of the product and prevent product deformation. Precautions for installation of ventilation butterfly valve: The installation position of the ventilation butterfly valve in the pipe network and the layout of the pipe network also affect the use of the valve. For pipes with large smoke and dust, a closed funnel should be designed at the opening end of the valve or at the connection corner of the valve, and regular dust removal can prevent dust. Too much accumulation to facilitate the rotation of the butterfly plate. The installation of ventilation butterfly valve should also pay attention to several issues: 1. The use of metal washers must ensure that the load is uniform, and avoid additional pressure on the valve due to the influence of temperature and self-weight or the stress generated by welding, which will deform the valve flange and pipeline. 2. When the valve is installed in a long pipeline, a support frame should be installed. 3. The valve installation should pay attention to the flow direction of the medium, so that the opening direction of the butterfly plate is consistent with the flow direction of the pipeline medium, which is conducive to the self-cleaning effect of the medium flow rate. 4. Strengthen the protection of the overall insulation layer of the pipe network, so that the temperature of the pipe wall is above the dew point, which can reduce the low-temperature cohesive dust accumulation. If the temperature of the pipe wall is higher than the acid dew point of the flue gas, the condensation of acid vapor on the wall of the heated pipe can be avoided, and the generation rate of sulfur trioxide can be controlled, and the valve will be more effective. The installation position of the ventilation butterfly valve has different positions such as horizontal, vertical and curved according to the design of the pipeline. Generally, the ventilation butterfly valve installed in the vertical pipe has better use effect and is not easy to accumulate dust. The horizontal pipe is second, and the corner is the worst. Bias flow and ash blockage are most likely to be formed at the turns on both sides of the valve inlet and outlet, and the valve operating torque will increase.
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