Inspection instructions for fluorine-lined butterfly valve

by:Lianke Valve     2022-06-11
Fluorine-lined butterfly valve inspection instructions fluorine-lined pipelines and fluorine-lined valves should be inspected in two aspects: 1) unpacking inspection; 2) professional inspection. The unpacking inspection is mainly to check the quantity, model, specification, whether the surface is damaged, etc.; the professional inspection is mainly the air pressure test and the air tightness test. Check according to standard. The first is the appearance quality, the second is the point spark inspection, and the third is the inspection of the lining thickness. As for the quantity and model, it is only the most basic verification, which is usually carried out by the warehouse 1. Check the flange flanging for wear 2. Test the valve pressure 3. Determine the thickness of the lining according to the standards of the Ministry of Chemical Industry (technical standards for fluorine-lined pipelines). Check whether the fluorine lining process is tight lining, check the thickness of the fluorine lining, see if there is bubbling, check whether the size of the lining kettle tube meets the technical requirements of the process, provide the quality certificate, the certificate of conformity, and provide the material report of the PTFE manufacturer.
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