Insights into the current market development of fluorine-lined valves

by:Lianke Valve     2022-08-30
The development of the valve industry is getting faster and faster. As an important member of the valve industry, the fluorine-lined diaphragm valve is also in a very favorable period of development. With the adjustment of the country's industrial structure and the emergence of the trend that China is gradually becoming the largest processing factory in the world, the processing and production of valve products is facing greater development space. As representatives of anti-corrosion valves, fluorine-lined diaphragm valves and rubber-lined diaphragm valves are widely used in various fields. The three-eccentric two-way metal hard-sealed butterfly valve is one of the hazards of the valve and pipeline equipment due to the corrosive medium, which can damage the equipment at light level, and cause accidents or disasters at worst. Therefore, anti-corrosion valves (rubber-lined diaphragm valve, fluorine-lined diaphragm valve) play an important role in the fluid transportation process. The market demand for rubber-lined diaphragm valves and fluorine-lined diaphragm valves also continues to rise. In the case of a bright market prospect, there are still drawbacks in the rubber-lined diaphragm valve and fluorine-lined diaphragm valve industry, mainly due to the viciousness of the market. Competition, some manufacturers use their crooked brains to start with product material and product weight, and use 'illegal means' to reduce costs, so that they have an advantage in price competition. This will definitely do more harm than good for the long-term development of the company.
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