In what environment is the fluorine-lined ball valve suitable for storage?

by:Lianke Valve     2022-08-26
In what environment is the fluorine-lined ball valve suitable for storage? At present, the storage environment of many fluorine-lined ball valves is unqualified, which is unfavorable for fluorine-lined ball valves. Many environments will cause damage to fluorine-lined ball valves. So what should be the storage environment and conditions of fluorine-lined ball valves? 1. There should be records for the valves stored and kept, and the contents of the records: valve name, model, specification, serial number, quantity, storage date, etc. 2. When the fluorine-lined valve is stored, it is better to store it in a dry room, avoid the open sun and rain, and avoid stacking it near the heat source to prevent the aging and deformation of the fluorine plastic. 3. The sealing surfaces of the fluoroplastic flanges at both ends should have protective covers, and the sealing surfaces should not be scratched. When stacking, the sealing surfaces of the flanges at both ends should be protected from pressure. The strength and temperature of the seat material of the fluorine-lined ball valve are inversely proportional. The higher the temperature, the lower the strength. The pressure acting on the valve seat increases as the fluid pressure increases. If the external load does not exceed the parameters of the valve seat material after the temperature rises to a certain extent, the pressure must not be increased arbitrarily, the material must be properly selected, and the working conditions must be within the range that the valve seat material can withstand. Fluorine-lined ball valve can be divided into straight-through type, three-way type and right-angle type according to its channel position. The latter two ball valves are used to distribute the medium and change the flow direction of the medium. The installation and maintenance of the ball valve should pay attention to the following matters: leave a position for the valve handle to rotate; it cannot be used as a throttling; the ball valve with a transmission mechanism should be installed upright.
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