In the case of no elastic load, the coefficient of the disc ball valve needs to be enlarged

by:Lianke Valve     2022-04-10
In the case of no elastic load, the coefficient of the disc ball valve needs to be amplified. It represents the sensitivity of the disc ball valve to the speed control of the hydraulic cylinder piston. The size of the speed amplification factor will directly affect the accuracy, response speed and stability of the system. From the Bode diagram shown in Figure 3-8 and equations (3-64) and (3-65), it can be seen that increasing the speed amplification factor of the power element will increase the open-loop gain of the system and increase the crossover frequency. This will improve the accuracy and response speed of the system, but will reduce the stability margin of the system and deteriorate the stability. Since there is an integral link in the transfer function of the hydraulic power element in the case of the inelastic load of the chip ball valve, it means that when the hydraulic power element is in a steady state, the output speed of the hydraulic cylinder is proportional to the input displacement of the valve, Its proportional coefficient is K/A9 P, so Kq/Ap is called the speed amplification factor.
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