Important principles of welding methods for fluorine-lined globe valves

by:Lianke Valve     2022-05-27
Fluorine-lined globe valves are generally suitable for conveying liquid and gaseous media under various pressure and temperature conditions within the specified standard range, but are not suitable for conveying liquids containing solid precipitation or precipitation crystals. Fluorine-lined globe valve is mainly used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, pharmaceutical and other systems to transport high-viscosity medium that will solidify at room temperature. Between the flanges, the side and bottom of the valve are provided with two connection ports for the thermal insulation jacket. Fluorine-lined fluorine-lined globe valve is especially suitable for pipelines in chemical and fertilizer industries. The steam contained in the jacket can prevent the medium from crystallizing. Fluorine-lined globe valves are widely used in various systems such as petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, and pharmaceuticals. The fluorine-lined globe valve has the characteristics of good one-way sealing effect. Whether the fluorine-lined globe valve is installed or reversed, there is always a lot of effort in the process of opening and closing. As the diameter of the fluorine-lined globe valve becomes larger, the outer circle D1 of the sealing surface also becomes larger, and the width L of the surfacing welding also becomes larger, which requires multi-layer and multi-pass welding to complete, and the welding stress distribution is more complicated. Before surfacing welding, magnetic particle inspection should be carried out on the surface to be welded and the near seam area to ensure that there are no casting defects in the welded area. Selection of welding technology for fluorine-lined globe valve At present, the domestic methods for surfacing cobalt-based cemented carbide are mostly plasma arc welding, electrode arc welding and tungsten argon arc welding. The first two welding methods are more efficient, and the latter two welding methods are compared. flexible. The important principles for selecting the welding method of fluorine-lined globe valve are high deposition rate and low dilution rate. Post-welding inspections shall be carried out in accordance with welding standards for penetrant inspection, hardness and chemical composition inspections. The structural forms of the fluorine-lined globe valve body are straight-through type, direct-current type and right-angle type. The straight-through type is the most common structure, but it has the greatest resistance to the fluid. The direct-flow fluid resistance is small, and it is mostly used for fluids containing solid particles or high viscosity. The right-angle valve body is mostly forged, which is suitable for the fluorine-lined globe valve with small passage and high pressure. The use of fluorine-lined globe valves is extremely common, but due to the large opening and closing torque and the long structure length, the nominal diameter is usually limited to less than 250mm, and some are up to 400mm, but special attention should be paid to the direction of inlet and outlet when selecting. Generally, most of the fluorine-lined globe valve medium below 150mm flows in from the bottom of the valve disc, while most of the fluorine-lined globe valve medium above 200mm flows in from the top of the valve disc. This is due to the closing torque of the valve. In order to reduce the opening or closing torque, generally fluorine-lined globe valves above 200mm are equipped with internal bypass or external bypass valve.
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