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How to use electric valve

by:Lianke Valve     2022-08-22
The electric valve is driven by a motor to drive the valve stem to drive the valve core to move, and the electric valve is divided into (shut-off valve) and regulating valve. The shut-off valve is a two-position type of work, that is, fully open and fully closed. The control valve is equipped with an electric valve positioner on it, and the valve is dynamically stabilized in one position through closed-loop adjustment. In pipeline engineering, the correct selection of electric valves is one of the guarantee conditions to meet the application requirements. Improper selection of the applied electric valve will not only affect the application, but also bring adverse consequences or serious losses. Therefore, the electric valve should be correctly selected in the pipeline engineering design. Electric valve functional requirements: engineering control requirements, for electric valves, their control functions are completed by electric devices. The purpose of applying the electric valve is to complete the non-manual electrical control or computer control for the opening, closing and adjustment of the valve. The current application of electric devices is not just for diligent labor. Because the function and quality of the products of different valve manufacturers are quite different, the selection of the electric device and the selection of the matching valve are equally important to the project. When choosing an electric valve, it should be considered whether to purchase an additional electric valve controller. Due to the general state, the controller needs to be purchased separately. In most cases, when using a single control, it is necessary to purchase a controller, because it is more convenient and cheaper to purchase a controller than to design and manufacture it by the user. Under normal conditions, the obligatory environments of electric valves are as follows: 1. Indoor installations or outdoor applications with protective methods; 2. Outdoor open-air installations, which are eroded by wind, sand, rain, dew, and sunlight; 3. Flammable and easy to use Explosive gas or dust environment; 4. Environment in wet tropics and dry tropics; 5. The temperature of the pipeline medium is as high as 480℃; 6. The ambient temperature is below -20℃; 7. It is easy to be flooded or immersed in water; 8. It has Radioactive material (nuclear power plant and radioactive material test device) environment; 9. Environment on ships or docks (with salt spray, mold, humidity); 10. Occasions with severe vibration; occasions prone to fire;
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