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How to solve the problem of sealing leakage of bellows globe valve

by:Lianke Valve     2022-07-24
If the bellows stop valve leaks, it is better to deal with it. Follow the steps to check and repair it step by step. If the middle flange leaks, just tighten the bolts of the middle flange. , If it still leaks, then open it to see if the middle flange gasket is damaged. If it leaks at the packing, tighten the packing gland. If the packing is too loose, add more packing. If it leaks directly on the body, the low If the pressure is high, you can weld it. If the pressure is high, don’t do it. It will be dangerous. There are still many kinds of internal leakage problems. You can simply check it yourself first. First, second, the valve seat seal is damaged, and this needs to be re-grinded. For the damaged valve core, it depends on whether it is damaged by scouring or by the impact of the medium, but both must be re-welded and the sealing surface. There are still many leakage points of the bellows globe valve. The external leakage is generally from the gland. Open the gland to supplement or replace the packing and then tighten the gland. It should not leak. If there is internal leakage, it may be that the sealing surface on the top of the valve core is broken. Sometimes internal leakage may be caused by a hard object stuck on the valve core, causing internal leakage. In fact, as long as the valve is opened and then closed, the hard object can be moved back and forth several times. Just flush away. If it still doesn't work or there is a problem with the valve itself, then the valve needs to be replaced.
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