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How to inspect the valve box and valve disc of special gas system equipment

by:Lianke Valve     2022-04-16
The important components of special gas system equipment - valve box (VMB) and valve plate (VMP) are system equipment that complements GC and GR. The surface should be smooth and clean, with consistent color, no burrs, no scratches, no rust, and no drumming. Generally speaking, because VMP is a panel, a mirror stainless steel panel is mostly used as the carrier, and the valve is selected according to the owner and process requirements. VMB is to use stainless steel, explosion-proof, corrosion-resistant coatings, etc. Overall standard: The number and functional configuration of the valve box and valve disc should meet the design and contract requirements. There should be special valve supports between the valve, the instrument and the panel. The material of the support should be stainless steel, and the valve, instrument, etc. should not be directly fixed on the panel with bolts. The valve connection of the special gas pipeline on the valve disc shall be connected by automatic orbital argon arc welding or radial face seal connection, and shall not be connected by wire seal (ferrule). The structure of the valve box and valve disc should be firm and reliable, with special fixing points, the panel should have the gas logo and nameplate, the type, flow direction and control valve of the gas pipeline should be clearly marked. In addition, the valve box should have the name and chemical formula of the gas. , concentration, chemical properties and hazard identification.
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