fluorine lining gate valve

How to extend the service life of fluorine-lined valves?

by:Lianke Valve     2022-08-03
Among the anti-corrosion materials, PTFE has unparalleled excellent performance. In addition to its excellent chemical stability, it has good anti-fouling, anti-sticking, extremely small dynamic and static friction coefficient values, and good anti-friction and lubrication performance. The sealing pair of valve opening and closing should reduce the friction between the sealing surfaces, reduce the operating torque of the valve, and improve the service life of the product. Its application range can also be extended to the food and pharmaceutical industries. Fluorine-lined valves, also known as anti-corrosion valves, are often in harsh working conditions, either toxic and harmful chemicals, or highly corrosive various types of acids and bases or organic solvents. Improper use will result in significant economic losses and serious as a result of. Applicable medium: various concentrations of acid-base salts and some organic solvents. Features: It is the world's current anti-corrosion material, which has been widely used in the lining of large-scale equipment and pipe fittings for rotational molding. Correct use and maintenance of the valve can prolong the service life of the fluorine-lined valve, so what can be done to effectively protect it? 1. Before use, carefully read the instruction manual of the fluorine-lined valve. 2. Use it within the range of pressure, temperature and medium specified on the nameplate or in the manual. 3. When in use, in order to prevent the fluorine-lined valve from generating excessive pipeline stress due to temperature changes, temperature changes should be minimized, and U-shaped expansion joints should be added before and after the valve. 4. It is forbidden to use the lever to open and close the fluorine-lined valve. Pay attention to observe the opening and closing indication position and limit device of the fluorine-lined valve. After the opening and closing are in place, do not force the closing to avoid premature damage to the fluorine plastic sealing surface. 5. For some media that are unstable and easy to decompose (for example, the decomposition of some media will cause volume expansion, resulting in abnormal pressure increase in working conditions) that will cause valve damage or leakage, measures should be taken to eliminate or limit the unstable media. factor of decomposition. When selecting the valve, the change of working conditions that may be caused by unstable and easy decomposition of the medium should be considered, and a fluorine-lined valve with an automatic pressure relief device should be selected. 6. For the fluorine-lined valve on the pipeline with toxic, flammable, explosive and strong corrosive medium, it is strictly forbidden to replace the packing under pressure. Although the fluorine-lined valve is designed to have an upper sealing function, it is not recommended to replace the packing under pressure. 7. For pipelines with spontaneous combustion media, measures should be taken to ensure that the ambient temperature and working condition temperature do not exceed the spontaneous ignition point of the media to prevent dangers caused by sunlight or external fires.
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