fluorine lining gate valve

How to do a good job in the sales of fluorine-lined valves?

by:Lianke Valve     2022-06-22
How to do a good job in the sales of fluorine-lined valves? I just graduated from school and stepped into the society. In the process of applying for a manager, applying for a job, submitting a resume, and finally finding a job, my current job is to sell valves, specifically, to sell fluorine-lined valves! I have no experience in this industry, so I am so confused! How to talk to customers, how to sell! Not sure where to start! Fortunately, I personally met a senior who has been in valve sales for many years. He said this, do a good job in sales: simple things to do, simple things to repeat! ! ! When you start this industry, you must first be familiar with the industry rules, then product performance, practice basic skills, lay a solid business foundation, and learn while doing sales. It's very simple to not be able to do sales. When you go shopping in the mall, pay attention to how the salesperson sells their products to you. When they say it, you just need to listen patiently. Listen to a few more people. When you come back A good summary, isn't it your knowledge? Pay attention to learning everywhere. To be a caring person. When I just came into the valve industry, I am so confused. I think first of all, you must have a certain understanding of valve knowledge. When you are a fluorine-lined valve, when a customer asks about what valve, you should know the various parameters and performance of the fluorine-lined valve. Over time, the accumulation of experience in all aspects will be much better.
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