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How to choose a rubber-lined check valve?

by:Lianke Valve     2022-05-14
How to choose a rubber-lined check valve? No matter what type of check valve you choose, you must consider economical applicability, durability, and sensitivity and accurate adjustment. You can choose it later. When choosing a check valve, you must first know the function of the check valve: to prevent the backflow of the medium, and only allow the medium to flow in one direction. The commonly used check valves are divided into swing type and lift type. In the case of relatively large pressure fluctuations, in order to prevent the valve disc from being damaged by water hammer, it is necessary to choose a swing check valve with a buffer device. In the case of a larger diameter, a multi-lobed swing check valve should be selected; at the outlet of the boiler feed pump, a special empty discharge check valve should be selected to prevent the backflow of the medium and provide the sales volume of the pump for the suction of the pump. Pipe low valve, on high pressure and small diameter equipment pipelines, lift check valves are usually used, and pipelines requiring small pressure drop are not suitable for lift check valves, because of their large flow resistance, butterfly check valves are used. valve or swing check valve. Generally, swing check valves and lift check valves should avoid large diameters. In order to make the check valve flap fully open or open to the proper position with the minimum flow rate, in some cases, the diameter of the installed check valve must be smaller than the diameter of the corresponding pipe. In order to meet the needs of various uses, check valves also have many different forms and structures, such as: muffler check valve, silent check valve, spherical check valve, spherical check valve, etc. Depending on the medium going through the pipeline, the valve disc can be made of all-metal, or the metal can be lined with other alloy materials such as tetrafluoroethylene or plastic.
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