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How to achieve zero leakage of fluorine-lined ball valve

by:Lianke Valve     2022-05-17
Let's start with the internal parts of the fluorine-lined ball valve. The first is the coordination between its ball and the valve stem. The opening and closing ball and the valve stem are cast (forged) as one, which prevents the valve stem from rushing out of pressure due to pressure changes. The possibility in the parts fundamentally ensures the safety of use in the project, the structure is compact and reasonable. Thirdly, the cavity space of the valve body is the smallest, which reduces the medium retention. In addition, the special molding process makes the sealing surface dense, and the combination of herringbone ring PTFE packing makes the valve achieve zero leakage. The last and most important one, with full bore and floating ball structure, the valve can be closed without leakage in the entire pressure range, which is more convenient for the ball sweeping and pipeline maintenance of the pipeline system. By the way, the structural characteristics of the fluorine-lined ball valve are introduced: 1. Pneumatic and electric devices can be configured according to user needs to meet the requirements of remote control and program control. 2. Excellent and reliable sealing performance, zero leakage and long service life. 3. The two-section and three-section structures can be applied to various pipeline systems and working conditions. The three-section ball valve allows the main valve body to be separated from the valve bodies on both sides, which can realize rapid online replacement and maintenance. 4. The fluid resistance is small. When fully opened, the section of the ball channel, the valve body channel and the connecting pipe are equal, and they are connected in a straight line. The medium flowing through the ball valve is equivalent to flowing through a straight pipe. Among all kinds of valves, the ball valve has the smallest liquid resistance. . 5. The lining material of the replacement parts can be applied to various media. 6. Simple structure, small volume and light weight, especially its height is much smaller than gate valve and globe valve. 7. Quick opening and closing, just turn the sphere 90° when opening and closing, which is convenient and fast.
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